T3 PHOTO FESTIVALにおける戸田建設との企画「TOKYO DIALOGUE」のために作られた作品。


A work created for “TOKYO DIALOGUE,” a project with Toda Corporation at T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL. The work was produced by interviewing people at the site of the reconstruction of Toda Corporation’s head office building.

In a huge hole in the middle of the building, many people gathered to create the floor and walls. They put boxes inside boxes, stacked and hardened them, disassembled and took them out. After going above ground, they would rest in a box and eat in another underground box. Their bodies adapted to the order of the boxes, and they saw vivid colors through their narrowed vision. I photographed construction sites, site offices, and Chinese restaurants frequented by workers. Using projection and paper cutout techniques, these photographs were made into a digital collage, with the addition of trash from the site and tiles from the exterior walls of the former office building.



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