Hundred years glass dream



“Hundred Years Glass Dream” is a photographic work inspired by the window glass of Kamiya Denbe’s residence.
Glass was used as a photosensitive plate in the early history of photography, and is still used today in various optical machines due to its “transparent” nature. This work photographed the seaside scenery of Inage, and added deterioration due to seawater and mold to the negative film.
An attempt to think of the past light that has fallen on the glass, as if the film were like glass.

When Kamiya Denbe’s residence was completed in 1918, a sandy beach spread out just outside the garden. However, the seaside was reclaimed by urban development after World War II, the waves were two kilometers away, and concrete buildings were blocking visibility.
Does the building that lived for 100 years remember the sea?
The building doesn’t talk about the past with its own mouth, but when I look at the garden through the window glass, I suddenly imagine the surface of the water shining between the pine needles.


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